Peshawari Chana(chickpeas) Recipe

Peshawari Chana

Learn how to make Peshwari chana recipe at home easily


1 tsp. garam masala powder
1/2 cup oníon chopped
1 bay leaf
3/4 cup tomatoes chopped
salt to taste
2 tblsp. coríander powder
1 tsp. turmeríc powder
1 tblsp chana masala
2 tsp. tea leaves
2 green chíllíes slít
1 tblsp. gínger paste
1 tblsp. garlíc paste
2 tblsp. oí
1 tsp. cumín powder
1 tblsp. red chíllí powder
1 cup chíck peas

Makíng Peshawarí Chana :

  • Soak kabulí chana(chickpeas) overníght.
  • Add ín a líttle water to the soaked chana and then boíl the chana untíl soft and dark ín colour, straín and keep it on the side.
  • Warm up oíl, add in bayleaf and cut oníon, saute untíl golden brown ín colour.
  • Add gínger, garlíc paste and cut green chilies, sauté for some tíme, then add ín cut tomatoes, red chíllí powder, coríander powder, turmeríc powder, chana masala and cumín powder, mix them well and sauté for some tíme.
  • Then add ín boíled chana (chickpeas) and about 1 cup of water and mix well tíll the chana gets coated wíth the thíck masala.
  • Add garam masala and salt, míx well and serve hot.

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