An image capturing the essence of a Manhattan cocktail: a classic, stemmed glass filled with a rich, amber liquid, garnished with a perfectly twisted orange peel, and adorned with a single, elegant maraschino cherry

Manhattan Cocktail Recipe

Ready to try your hand at a classic cocktail? Look no further! Here’s how to make a delicious Manhattan cocktail.

All you’ll need are a few ingredients and some simple directions, and you’ll be sipping this timeless drink before you know it. Get your shaker ready and impress your friends with your bartending skills.



The Manhattan cocktail has a storied past that dates back to the 19th century. Said to have been created at the Manhattan Club in New York City, the classic drink is said to have been concocted by a bartender named Black for a banquet hosted by Lady Randolph Churchill.

Made of whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters, the drink soon became a staple in bars across the country. While the original recipe has been adapted over time, the core ingredients remain the same.

Now, the Manhattan cocktail is a favorite among cocktail aficionados around the world, and its rich history adds to its allure.

Ingredients for Manhattan Cocktail

-2 parts Rye or Canadian whiskey
-1 part sweet vermouth
-2-3 dashes Angostura bitters
-Optional: Maraschino cherry or twist of orange for garnish


Gather the necessary ingredients and equipment to create a classic Manhattan cocktail.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Fill a mixing glass with ice cubes halfway.
  • Pour in 2 ounces of rye whiskey.
  • Add 1 ounce of sweet vermouth.
  • Finally, add a few dashes of Angostura bitters.
  • Stir the mixture gently for about 30 seconds to combine the flavors without diluting the drink too much.
  • Strain the cocktail into a chilled glass.
  • Garnish with a maraschino cherry or a twist of orange peel for an extra touch of elegance.
  • Savor the classic and sophisticated taste of the Manhattan cocktail.


Making Tips

To make the perfect Manhattan cocktail, you’ll need to enhance your skills. Here are some helpful tips to take your Manhattan game to the next level:

Choose the right whiskey: Opt for a high-quality rye or bourbon whiskey for a rich and robust flavor.

Use fresh ingredients: Make sure to use fresh vermouth and cherries for the best taste.

Perfect the proportions: Experiment with different ratios of whiskey to vermouth until you find the balance that suits your palate.

Tip Description
1 Choose high-quality whiskey
2 Use fresh ingredients
3 Perfect the proportions

Final Thoughts

For an unforgettable cocktail experience, make sure to savor every sip of your perfectly balanced Manhattan. The classic drink never goes out of style, with its combination of whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters creating a delightful harmony of flavors.

As you raise the glass to your lips, take a moment to appreciate the rich aroma that wafts up and teases your senses. Let the smoothness of the whiskey envelop your tongue, as the sweetness of the vermouth and the complexity of the bitters unfold on your taste buds. Each sip should be savored, allowing the flavors to linger and evolve.

Whether at a cocktail party or in the comfort of your own home, the Manhattan is a drink that deserves to be relished. So take your time, sip slowly, and enjoy every moment of this exquisite cocktail.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Common Variations of the Manhattan Cocktail?

Some popular alternatives to the classic Manhattan cocktail include swapping out the whiskey for rye or bourbon, adding a touch of cherry liqueur for sweetness, and experimenting with different types of bitters for a unique flavor.

Can I Substitute the Whiskey With Another Spirit, Like Bourbon or Rye?

Yes, you can substitute the whiskey used to make a Manhattan cocktail with another spirit such as bourbon or rye. This will give the drink a unique flavor profile while still keeping its classic essence.

What Type of Glassware Is Traditionally Used to Serve a Manhattan Cocktail?

A Manhattan cocktail is typically served in a martini glass, giving it a sophisticated and elegant look. This glassware is perfect for savoring this classic cocktail. Enjoy your Manhattan in style!

Are There Any Non-Alcoholic Alternatives or Mocktail Versions of the Manhattan Cocktail?

Yes, non-alcoholic alternatives and mocktail versions of the Manhattan cocktail are available. Alcohol-free spirits can be used instead of whiskey, and bitters and vermouth can be used to add flavor.

Can I Prepare a Large Batch of Manhattan Cocktails in Advance for a Party or Event?

Yes, you can definitely make a big batch of Manhattans ahead of time for a gathering or event. This is an excellent way to save time and make sure that everyone can enjoy their beverage.

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