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Instant Pot Bacon and Chicken

Are you craving a delicious and easy meal?

Look no further than Instant Pot Bacon and Chicken! With this recipe, you can enjoy succulent chicken and crispy bacon in just a fraction of the time.

Simply toss the ingredients in your Instant Pot, set the timer, and let it work its magic.

In no time, you’ll have a mouthwatering dish that will leave you coming back for seconds.

So, grab your Instant Pot and get ready for a satisfying and flavorful meal.


You may be curious about the origins of Instant Pot bacon and chicken recipes.

In reality, many of these dishes have their roots in a variety of culinary traditions from around the world.

For instance, some Instant Pot bacon recipes take influence from the Southern American cuisine, where bacon is a common ingredient in dishes like bacon-wrapped chicken and bacon mac and cheese.

Similarly, Instant Pot chicken recipes often are inspired by Asian cuisine, where chicken is regularly featured in stir-fries, curries, and soups.

Thus, when you make an Instant Pot bacon and chicken dish, you’re not only enjoying a delicious meal, but you’re also exploring different cultures and their culinary customs.

Ingredients for Instant Pot Bacon and Chicken

-8 slices of bacon
-2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
-1/4 cup chicken broth
-1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
-1/4 teaspoon onion powder
-Salt and pepper, to taste
-1/4 cup heavy cream
-1/4 cup shredded cheese, such as cheddar or mozzarella
-2 tablespoons chopped parsley (optional)


To achieve a successful result, adhere to these instructions for preparing Instant Pot Bacon and Chicken.

  1. Begin by setting your Instant Pot to sauté mode and fry the bacon until it becomes crispy. Once done, remove the bacon and set it aside.

  2. In the same pot, place the chicken breasts seasoned with salt and pepper. Brown them on both sides until they turn golden. This will help seal in the flavors.

  3. Pour in chicken broth and add the cooked bacon back into the pot. Close the lid and set the Instant Pot to high pressure cooking mode for 10 minutes. Allow it to naturally release for 5 minutes before quickly releasing the remaining pressure.

Tips for Cooking

For optimal results, these 5 tips can help you make the most out of your Instant Pot cooking experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned cook, following these guidelines will ensure delicious results each time.

First, use the right amount of liquid. Ensure there’s enough liquid in the pot to produce steam and prevent burning.

Second, layer your ingredients properly. Put denser ingredients at the bottom and lighter ones on top to ensure even cooking.

Third, make use of the trivet. Elevate meats or delicate foods on the trivet to prevent them from sticking.

Fourth, release pressure cautiously. Always follow the recommended release method to avoid burns and splatters.

Finally, experiment with cooking times. Adjust cooking times to attain your preferred level of doneness and flavor.

Happy cooking!

Final Thoughts

These Instant Pot recipes are sure to be a hit!

The combination of bacon and chicken is incredibly delicious and can be cooked in no time. The smoky and savory flavor of the bacon adds to the flavor of the chicken, making it an irresistible meal.

You can whip up a tasty dish in a flash, perfect for yourself or a crowd. From creamy bacon and chicken pasta to flavorful bacon-wrapped chicken breasts, there are so many options to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Servings Does This Recipe of Instant Pot Bacon and Chicken Yield?

This recipe for Instant Pot Bacon and Chicken yields a certain amount of servings depending on the quantity of ingredients used and the portion size desired.

Can I Use Turkey Bacon Instead of Regular Bacon in This Recipe?

Yes, you can certainly substitute turkey bacon for regular bacon in this recipe. It will still give the dish a tasty flavor and satisfying texture. Enjoy your Instant Pot Bacon and Chicken with turkey bacon!

Is It Necessary to Marinate the Chicken Before Cooking It in the Instant Pot?

It is not essential to marinate the chicken prior to cooking it in the Instant Pot. The pressure cooking method will impart the chicken with flavor. Nevertheless, you may still marinate it if you desire a more intense flavor.

Can I Substitute Chicken Thighs With Chicken Breast in This Recipe?

Yes, you can substitute chicken thighs with chicken breast in this recipe. Bear in mind that chicken breast tends to be leaner and may yield a slightly drier texture.

How Long Does It Take for the Instant Pot to Come to Pressure When Cooking This Dish?

It generally takes 10-15 minutes for the Instant Pot to reach pressure when preparing this dish. To ensure optimal results, be sure to follow the recipe instructions.

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