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Gin Sour Cocktail Recipe

Are you in search of a refreshing and tangy drink to enjoy this summer? The gin sour cocktail is the perfect blend of crispness and zing for a delightful and balanced sip.

With just a few steps, you can whip up this crowd-pleasing drink and impress your guests. So get your shaker ready and mix up a gin sour that is sure to have everyone coming back for more!


Wondering where the Gin Sour cocktail came from? Let me tell you the interesting story of this classic drink.

It’s believed the Gin Sour has its origins in the early 19th century during the golden age of cocktails. Sailors were known to mix gin with lime or lemon juice to prevent scurvy on their long sea voyages.

Over time, the recipe was modified by adding sugar syrup to balance out the tartness of the citrus, thus creating a refreshing and tangy cocktail.

During the Prohibition era, the Gin Sour became popular in the United States, often enjoyed as a way to mask the taste of bootlegged gin.

The Gin Sour remains a beloved classic cocktail around the world today.


To create a Gin Sour cocktail, you’ll need a few simple ingredients and about five minutes of preparation. Here’s what you need:

  1. Gin: This spirit brings its unique botanical flavors to the cocktail, adding depth and complexity.

  2. Fresh Lemon Juice: Tangy and bright, this provides the perfect balance to the gin.

  3. Simple Syrup: A touch of sweetness is needed to round out the tartness of the lemon juice. Equal parts sugar and water make up the syrup.

  4. Egg White: For a silky and frothy texture, add a small amount of egg white.


Carefully and skillfully combine the gin, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, and egg white in a cocktail shaker and feel the anticipation grow.

Let the botanical flavors of the gin mingle with the tartness of the lemon juice, while the simple syrup provides a touch of sweetness.

The egg white gives a velvety texture that will make your taste buds dance with joy.

Vigorously shake the mixture, then strain it into a chilled glass.

Revel in the frothy, citrusy concoction that’s as refreshing as it’s elegant.

Take a slow sip and relish every moment.


Pro Tips

While crafting the Gin Sour cocktail, it’s important to use fresh ingredients for the best flavor. Opt for freshly squeezed lemon juice and high-quality gin for an amazing taste. To make your Gin Sour stand out, here are some tips to consider:

Pro Tips Description
Chill your glass Put your glass in the freezer for a few minutes before serving for a chilly drink.
Shake vigorously Give your cocktail shaker a good shake to properly mix the ingredients.
Garnish with a lemon twist Make your Gin Sour look even more appealing with a twist of lemon peel.
Experiment with different gins Try out different types of gin to find your favorite flavor profile.

Final Thoughts

Take a moment to appreciate the skill that went into crafting the classic Gin Sour cocktail.

With its balance of tartness from the lemon juice, sweetness from the simple syrup, and the botanical notes of the gin, this timeless drink is truly delightful.

Whether you enjoyed it as a refreshing summer beverage or a way to unwind after a long day, the Gin Sour never fails to deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Calories Are in a Gin Sour Cocktail?

Without the context of the ‘Gin Sour Cocktail Recipe,’ one may wonder how many calories a gin sour cocktail has. Generally, a gin sour cocktail contains an approximate range of 150-200 calories.

Can I Use a Different Type of Citrus Juice Instead of Lemon Juice in a Gin Sour Cocktail?

Yes, you can substitute a different type of citrus juice instead of lemon juice in a gin sour cocktail. Try using lime juice for a tangy twist or orange juice for a sweeter flavor. You can also experiment with other types of citrus fruits such as grapefruit or tangerine for a unique flavor.

What Is the Best Type of Gin to Use in a Gin Sour Cocktail?

For the best type of gin to use in a gin sour cocktail, go for an excellent London Dry gin. Its balanced botanicals and crisp flavor will make the citrus in the drink stand out, elevating your cocktail.

Can I Make a Non-Alcoholic Version of a Gin Sour Cocktail?

Yes, you can craft a non-alcoholic version of a gin sour cocktail. Substitute the gin with a non-alcoholic gin alternative and adjust the other ingredients accordingly for a tasty mocktail.

How Long Does a Gin Sour Cocktail Typically Stay Fresh After It’s Been Made?

A gin sour cocktail is best enjoyed when it is fresh. After making the cocktail, it can remain fresh for up to 1-2 days if stored in the fridge. Enjoy the flavors of your freshly made cocktail!

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