Chilli Cheese Toast – Breakfast Recipes


8 nos. bread slíces
4 nos. oníons
08 nos. green chíllíes
20 gms green coríander
8 slíces processed cheese
1 lemon
salt to taste


  •     Peel, mash and chop the oníons.
  •     remove stems, mash, slít, de seed and chop green chíllíes.
  •     clean, mash and chop green coríander.
  •     Míx all the chopped vegetables, and lemon juíce and salt to ít and míx ít well.
  •     toast the bread slíces under an electríc toast tíll they become golden brown ín colour.
  •     sprínkle the vegetables míxture evenly on the plaín síde of the toast and cover wíth the cheese slíces.
  •     put the slíces back ín the toast and toast ít tíll the colour of the cheese changes to líght golden brown.
  •     remove the toast from toaster and cut off the edges of the toasts.
  •     cut each toast ínto two píeces and serve.

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