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Chicken Green Chili With White Beans

This work provides an objective and impersonal analysis of the recipe for chicken green chili with white beans.

The recipe’s historical background will be explored, followed by an outline of the necessary ingredients and instructions.

Additionally, cooking tips regarding the spice level will be shared.

Adhering to an academic writing style, the aim is to provide an informative and unbiased perspective on the preparation of chicken green chili with white beans.

Chicken Green Chili With White Beans Recipe History

The chicken green chili with white beans recipe has its origins in the southwestern region of the United States. It is a classic example of Mexican and American cuisines coming together, with green chili peppers providing bold flavor and white beans and chicken adding heartiness.

The dish gained traction in the early 20th century, as the Hispanic population in the Southwest grew. As time progressed, different regions began to add their own special ingredients and twists to the recipe.

Today, the chicken green chili with white beans recipe is still enjoyed by many households and is frequently served during festive occasions or as a comforting meal. Its long history and versatility have contributed to its continued popularity.


To prepare the dish, one must first acquire the necessary components, such as poultry, a type of mild pepper, legumes, and a certain type of legume. These ingredients are key to creating the flavorful and satisfying chicken green chili with white beans.

The components include:

  • Poultry: Chicken is typically used in this dish, providing a tender and protein-rich base.
  • Mild Pepper: A variety of mild pepper, such as poblano or Anaheim, adds a subtle heat and unique flavor to the dish.
  • Legumes: White beans, such as cannellini or Great Northern beans, are used to add creaminess and texture to the chili.
  • Certain Type of Legume: In this recipe, white beans are preferred for their subtle flavor and capacity to absorb the flavors of the other ingredients.
  • Other Ingredients: Additional ingredients like onions, garlic, cumin, and chicken broth are also used to enhance the overall taste and aroma of the dish.


To make a flavorful and well-balanced chicken green chili with white beans, follow these directions:

  • Begin by heating oil in a large pot over medium heat.

  • Add diced onions and garlic, sauté until they become translucent.

  • Then, add boneless chicken breasts, cut into small pieces, and cook until browned on all sides.

  • Stir in chicken broth, green chilies, cumin, oregano, and salt.

  • Finally, add white beans and bring the mixture to a boil. Reduce heat and let it simmer for about 30 minutes, allowing the flavors to combine.

Chicken Green Chili With White Beans Cooking Tips: Spice Level

For individuals who prefer a milder taste, adjusting the amount of green chilies used in the chicken green chili with white beans recipe can help to create a more subtle spice level. By reducing the number of green chilies or removing the seeds and membranes, the heat of the dish can be toned down. It is important to take note that the spiciness can vary depending on the type of green chilies used, as some varieties are hotter than others. To gain an understanding of the heat level of different types of green chilies, the following table gives a comparison based on the Scoville scale, which measures the heat of chili peppers. This table can be consulted when selecting green chilies for the chicken green chili with white beans recipe:

Green Chili Type Scoville Heat Units
Anaheim 500-2,500
Poblano 1,000-2,000
Jalapeno 2,500-8,000

Final Thoughts

To determine the right amount of spice for their chicken green chili with white beans recipe, individuals should consult the Scoville scale. This scale provides a numerical value for each chili pepper based on the concentration of capsaicin, which is responsible for the burning sensation.

Peppers with lower Scoville ratings, such as bell peppers or Anaheim peppers, are milder while those with higher ratings, like jalapeños or habaneros, are spicier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Substitute the Chicken With Another Protein Like Beef or Tofu?

Substituting the chicken in the Chicken Green Chili with White Beans recipe with another protein like beef or tofu is possible. However, the taste and texture of the dish may be altered, so it is advisable to consider the overall flavor profile before making any substitutions.

How Many Servings Does This Recipe Make?

The number of servings that a recipe makes is an important consideration for meal planning. It allows individuals to determine the amount of ingredients needed and the portion sizes to serve.

Can I Freeze the Leftovers?

Freezing leftovers of a dish is a common practice to extend its shelf life. However, the specific suitability of freezing Chicken Green Chili With White Beans depends on various factors such as the ingredients used and individual preferences.

What Side Dishes Pair Well With Chicken Green Chili?

When considering side dishes to pair with Chicken Green Chili, it is important to choose options that complement the flavors and textures of the dish. Some suitable choices may include rice, cornbread, tortilla chips, or a fresh salad.

Can I Make This Recipe in a Slow Cooker Instead of on the Stovetop?

It is possible to make the recipe for Chicken Green Chili With White Beans in a slow cooker instead of on the stovetop. Slow cooking can result in tender meat and allow flavors to meld together.


Chicken Green Chili With White Beans is a flavorful and hearty dish that combines the richness of chicken with the freshness of green chilies and the creaminess of white beans. This recipe has a rich history and has been enjoyed by many for its delicious taste and comforting qualities.

With its balanced flavors and satisfying texture, Chicken Green Chili With White Beans is a versatile dish that can be enjoyed on its own or paired with rice or tortillas.

Overall, this recipe is a delicious and satisfying choice for any occasion.

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