Y of succulent beef cubes in a rich, dark red wine sauce, served with glazed carrots and roasted potatoes

Beef Bourguignon Recipe

If you’re in search of a delectable French dish to wow your guests, beef bourguignon is the answer! This delicious classic recipe dates back to the 19th century, boasting a rich and hearty stew full of savory flavors from ingredients like mushrooms, bacon, onions, red wine, and more.

With just a bit of effort in the kitchen, you’ll be rewarded with a truly unforgettable meal that will have everyone asking for seconds!

French History

Beef bourguignon may be a familiar dish to many, with its French origins dating back to the 19th century. It is believed to have originated in Burgundy, France, where this hearty stew was made with local ingredients.

There are many theories about the stew’s origin, but some suggest it was a creation of the peasants of Burgundy as an economical way to use tougher cuts of meat. The classic recipe calls for red wine, mushrooms and carrots – all available in the region at the time.

The delicious flavors and ease of preparation have made this beloved French dish a worldwide favorite. Whether you want a traditional meal or a comforting dish, beef bourguignon is sure to satisfy!


For a classic French Beef Bourguignon, you’ll need to obtain some fresh produce such as carrots, onions, mushrooms, and quality pantry staples like garlic and red wine.

To create the unique flavor of the original recipe, beef cubes and bacon are also necessary.

For an even more mouthwatering dish, don’t forget the bay leaves and thyme.

Finally, adding a bit of flour will help thicken the sauce for an extra rich texture.

With these carefully selected quality ingredients, your Beef Bourguignon will be sure to hit all the right notes!


Start by browning the beef cubes and bacon in a large skillet.

Throw in the onions, mushrooms, garlic, and herbs for added flavor.

Pour in red wine and beef stock to the skillet and simmer for an hour or until the beef is tender.

Make a roux with butter and flour in a separate pot and add it to the beef stew mixture.

Season with salt and pepper to taste and simmer for another 30 minutes until all ingredients are cooked through.

Serve in bowls over mashed potatoes or egg noodles for a warm and hearty meal.


Cooking Tips: Braising

Braising is an excellent way to transform tough cuts of meat into a tender and flavorful dish. It’s especially effective for beef bourguignon as searing the beef in hot oil before adding liquid helps to seal in the flavor and moisture, while providing a rich caramelization that adds complexity to the finished dish.

Here are some pros and cons to consider when braising:


  • Develops Flavor
  • Tenderizes Meat
  • Versatile
  • Economical


  • Longer Cooking Time
  • Requires Monitoring
  • More Work than Other Methods
  • Hotter Temperatures Needed

Nearly any type of meat and vegetables can be used with this technique, although tougher cuts like chuck work best. To braise correctly, use medium-high heat to sear each side of the meat first then reduce the heat and add enough liquid to cover 3/4 of its surface area, allowing time for the flavors to meld together.

The result? Deliciously tender meat with complex layers of flavor.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, braising is an effective and flavorful cooking method that can be used to tenderize any type of meat or vegetable. When making beef bourguignon, the braising process adds complexity and richness to the flavor of the beef and vegetables while keeping them tender.

It’s an easy way to create a savory stew without the hassle of frying each ingredient. You can also customize the dish by adding any herbs or spices you desire. The trick is to slowly simmer everything together until all the flavors blend together perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Other Types of Meat Can Be Used to Make Beef Bourguignon?

You can make beef bourguignon with other types of meat such as lamb, pork, chicken, or turkey. The flavors will vary depending on the type of meat used. Experiment to find what works best for you!

Is There a Vegetarian Version of Beef Bourguignon?

Yes, there is a vegetarian version of beef bourguignon! You can substitute vegetables like mushrooms, carrots, and celery for the meat. This will create a delicious stew that’s still hearty and flavorful.

How Much Time Should I Plan to Make Beef Bourguignon?

Plan to set aside at least 2 hours to make beef bourguignon; this includes prep time, cooking time and clean up. You’ll have a delicious dish for your family or friends in no time!

How Many People Does One Batch of Beef Bourguignon Serve?

One batch of beef bourguignon typically serves four to six people. Depending on the size of servings, it may easily feed up to eight.

Is Beef Bourguignon Difficult to Make?

Making beef bourguignon can be tricky, but with the right ingredients and technique, you’ll have a delicious meal. It takes time to get it just right, but it’s worth the effort!

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