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Apple, Sultana and Cinammon Porridge Recipe

Bring your mornings to life with a delicious bowl of apple, sultana, and cinnamon porridge.

With its warm and comforting flavors, this porridge is sure to take you back to the cozy days of autumn.

All it takes is a few simple steps to make this hearty and nutritious breakfast, which will keep you energized all day.

So don your apron and prepare to indulge in this irresistible porridge that’s sure to become your favorite morning treat.

Apple, Sultana and Cinnamon Porridge Recipe History

Centuries ago, the tantalizing aroma of warm oats cooking over an open fire, infused with the sweet fragrance of apples and sultanas, intensified by a sprinkle of aromatic cinnamon, could be smelled in households around the world. This delicious combination has been a nourishing breakfast staple enjoyed by countless generations.

The origins of this hearty dish trace back to ancient civilizations where grains were cooked in pots over open fires. As time went on, different regions added their own twist to this timeless recipe. Apples were introduced for natural sweetness and sultanas for a burst of fruity flavor. Cinnamon was then added, bringing its warm and earthy notes to create a perfect harmony of flavors.

This classic porridge recipe demonstrates how simple ingredients can produce a culinary masterpiece that stands the test of time.


Gather your ingredients before starting this delicious apple, sultana, and cinnamon porridge recipe. You’ll need:

  • 1 cup of oats
  • 2 cups of milk (any type will do)
  • 1 apple, peeled and diced
  • ¼ cup of sultanas
  • 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
  • 2 tablespoons of honey or maple syrup (optional, for sweetness)

Oats are the main ingredient in this porridge. They create a hearty base that will fill you up throughout the morning.

Milk adds creaminess and helps to cook the oats perfectly.

The apple brings a refreshing crunch and natural sweetness that pairs with the sultanas.

Ground cinnamon adds warmth and depth of flavor.

If you prefer a sweeter taste, drizzle honey or maple syrup on top.

Now you have all the ingredients, let’s get cooking!


Gather your ingredients and let’s get started on this delicious apple, sultana, and cinnamon porridge recipe.

Take a medium-sized saucepan and add the oats, milk, water, and a pinch of salt. Put the pan over medium heat on the stove and bring it to a gentle simmer, stirring occasionally to prevent sticking.

While the porridge is cooking, prepare the apples by peeling and dicing them into small pieces. In a separate pan, melt some butter or coconut oil over medium heat. Put the diced apples in the pan along with the sultanas and sprinkle with cinnamon. Cook for about 5 minutes until the apples are soft and slightly caramelized.

When the porridge has reached your desired consistency (around 5-7 minutes), take it off the heat. Serve it in bowls topped with the warm apple mixture. You can drizzle some honey or maple syrup on top for added sweetness if desired.

Treat yourself to a nutritious breakfast or snack with this comforting bowl of apple, sultana, and cinnamon porridge!

Cooking Tips: Porridge Consistency and Texture.

If you’re looking for a creamy and smooth porridge texture, stir the oats occasionally while they simmer over medium heat. This helps distribute the heat evenly and prevents clumping. To achieve the perfect porridge consistency, it’s important to strike a balance between liquid and oats. Too much liquid will make your porridge watery, while too little will make it thick and lumpy. To make sure you get it just right, here is a guide to the ideal ratio of oats to liquid:

Oats (cups) Liquid (cups) Consistency
1 2 Creamy
½ 1 Thick
¼ ½ Very thick

Final Thoughts

To finish, remember that the secret to the perfect bowl of warm porridge lies in experimenting with different ratios of ingredients.

Get creative and personalize your apple, sultana, and cinnamon porridge recipe by adjusting the oats for your desired consistency – thicker or thinner.

Increase the milk for a creamier porridge or reduce it to thicken up the texture.

Adjust the amount of apples and sultanas to your liking – more fruit for an extra burst of sweetness or less if you prefer a milder flavor.

Sprinkle some cinnamon for warmth and depth.

Make each morning’s bowl of porridge uniquely yours and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can This Recipe Be Made With a Dairy-Free Alternative, Such as Almond Milk or Oat Milk?

Yes, you can definitely make this recipe with a dairy-free alternative like almond milk or oat milk. It’s a great way to enjoy the delicious flavors of apple, sultana, and cinnamon while catering to your dietary needs.

Can I Substitute the Sultanas With Another Dried Fruit, Such as Raisins or Dried Cranberries?

Yes, you can substitute the sultanas with another dried fruit like raisins or dried cranberries. This will add a different flavor profile to your porridge while still maintaining its sweetness and texture.

Can I Use Steel-Cut Oats Instead of Rolled Oats for This Recipe?

Yes, you can use steel-cut oats instead of rolled oats for this recipe. Steel-cut oats will give your porridge a chewier texture and nuttier flavor. Just adjust the cooking time accordingly. Enjoy!

Can I Make This Recipe in Advance and Reheat It Later?

Yes, you can make this recipe in advance and reheat it later. It’s a convenient option for busy mornings. Just store the porridge in an airtight container in the fridge and warm it up when ready to eat.

Can I Add Additional Spices, Like Nutmeg or Cardamom, to Enhance the Flavor of the Porridge?

Yes, you can definitely add additional spices like nutmeg or cardamom to enhance the flavor of the porridge. These spices will give your porridge a delicious and aromatic twist.

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