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Almond Butter Chicken Satay

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Almond Butter Chicken Satay Recipe History

The origins of almond butter chicken satay can be traced back to Southeast Asian cuisine, where satay is a popular dish. Skewered and grilled meat is served with a dipping sauce, which in many cases is enhanced by the use of almonds. This ingredient is believed to have been brought to the region from the Middle East, where almonds are commonly used in various dishes.

Over time, the addition of almond butter became an integral part of chicken satay recipes, adding a creamy texture and nutty flavor to the sauce. Today, almond butter chicken satay is enjoyed worldwide for its unique combination of flavors and cultural significance.


A key ingredient in the recipe for almond butter chicken satay is a particular type of nut spread, which provides a creamy and rich flavor that enhances the overall taste.

Here are three other components that make this satay so delicious:

  1. Chicken: Pieces of chicken breast or thigh are marinated in a mixture of spices, soy sauce, and lime juice, then grilled or pan-fried to perfection. The savory meat pairs wonderfully with the nutty flavors created by the almond butter.

  2. Satay Sauce: A mixture of coconut milk, peanut butter, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, and chili paste forms a succulent sauce that coats the chicken skewers. This combination lends a subtle sweetness and spiciness that balances out the flavors.

  3. Marinade: A blend of lemongrass, turmeric, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, and garlic infuses the chicken with an incredible aroma while tenderizing it.

These ingredients come together to create an irresistible almond butter chicken satay that will have you wanting more.


To prepare the dish, start by marinating the chicken in a mixture of spices, soy sauce, and lime juice. This will infuse the meat with an incredible blend of flavors that will perfectly complement the almond butter sauce.

After marinating for at least 30 minutes to allow the flavors to penetrate the chicken, thread the pieces onto skewers.

Grilling is the ideal cooking method as it adds a smoky charred flavor to the dish. The high heat helps caramelize the almond butter glaze, creating a sticky coating on each piece of chicken.

Serve these delicious satay skewers alongside a tangy cucumber salad and steamed jasmine rice for a complete meal that is both fulfilling and full of exotic flavors.


Cooking Tips and Tricks

Grilling the marinated chicken pieces on high heat caramelizes the glaze, resulting in a sticky coating that adds a smoky and charred flavor to the dish. To achieve perfectly grilled almond butter chicken satay, there are a few tricks that can enhance the overall taste and texture.

It is imperative to preheat the grill to ensure even cooking and prevent sticking. Additionally, oiling the grill grates before placing the chicken helps create those attractive grill marks. Furthermore, flipping the chicken only once during cooking allows for proper searing on both sides.

Table: Cooking Tips and Tricks

Cooking Tips Description
Preheat Grill Ensure even cooking by preheating your grill before placing the chicken
Oil Grates Prevent sticking and create attractive grill marks by oiling the grates
Flip Once Allow for proper searing by flipping the chicken only once during cooking

Final Thoughts

Incorporating cooking tips and tricks can significantly improve the taste and texture of grilled chicken dishes.

A marinade made of almond butter, soy sauce, lime juice, and spices can add flavor and tenderness to the chicken.

Marinating the chicken for at least 30 minutes gives the flavors time to penetrate into the meat.

Preheating the grill ensures even cooking and a charred exterior.

Basting the chicken with additional marinade while grilling adds moisture and strengthens the flavors.

Using indirect heat by placing coals on one side of the grill helps avoid overcooking or charring of the meat.

Allowing the grilled chicken to rest for a few minutes before slicing keeps its juices and improves its succulence.

Adhering to these tips and tricks can create an outstanding almond butter chicken satay that is flavorful, tender, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Calories Are in a Serving of Almond Butter Chicken Satay?

The calorie content of a serving of almond butter chicken satay can be determined by analyzing the nutritional information provided. By examining the specific ingredients and quantities used, an accurate estimation of calories per serving can be obtained.

Can I Use Any Type of Nut Butter Instead of Almond Butter?

Substituting almond butter with other types of nut butter is possible in recipes. However, the choice of nut butter may affect the taste and consistency of the dish. Experimentation and personal preference are recommended when making substitutions.

What Can I Serve as a Side Dish With Almond Butter Chicken Satay?

When considering a suitable side dish for almond butter chicken satay, it is important to select options that complement the flavors and textures of the main dish. Several possibilities include steamed vegetables, coconut rice, or a fresh salad with tangy dressing.

Can I Make Almond Butter Chicken Satay Ahead of Time and Reheat It Later?

When considering the question of whether almond butter chicken satay can be made ahead of time and reheated later, it is important to analyze factors such as texture, flavor, and food safety.

Is Almond Butter Chicken Satay Suitable for People With Nut Allergies?

The suitability of Almond Butter Chicken Satay for individuals with nut allergies depends on the severity and type of allergy. It is important to consult a healthcare professional or allergist before consuming any food that contains nuts.

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