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Air Fryer Pulled Pork

Craving tender, juicy pulled pork but don’t want to spend hours slow-cooking? An air fryer is the answer!

Enjoy mouthwatering pulled pork in a fraction of the time, packed with flavor and perfectly cooked.

This handy kitchen appliance will have your delicious pulled pork ready to go in no time.

Impress your taste buds with this quick and easy recipe.


The air fryer pulled pork has an interesting story of origin. People began seeking out healthier alternatives to the deep-fried dishes they enjoyed. With the rise of air fryers, someone had the brilliant idea to try cooking pork in them. The result was a delicious pulled pork with a crispy outside and juicy inside that could rival traditional methods.

The air fryer’s hot circulating air cooks the pork evenly and quickly while removing fat. This method was especially attractive to those who wanted to reduce oil consumption and still enjoy the delight of pulled pork.

As news spread, more and more people began experimenting with different seasonings and marinades, further improving the flavor of this popular dish.


To make air fryer pulled pork, you’ll need a few key ingredients. Here is a list of what you need:

  1. Pork shoulder: The star of the show. Get a nice, boneless pork shoulder for tender and juicy pulled pork.

  2. BBQ seasoning: To add flavor, you’ll need a good BBQ seasoning. You can use store-bought or make your own blend of spices like paprika, brown sugar, garlic powder, and onion powder.

  3. BBQ sauce: For that irresistible tangy and sweet flavor, you need BBQ sauce. Choose your favorite brand or make your own homemade sauce.

  4. Olive oil: This will help to coat the pork and prevent it from sticking to the air fryer basket.


It’s time to make some delicious air fryer pulled pork! Here are the steps to follow to get tender and flavorful pulled pork:

  1. Preheat your air fryer to 400°F (200°C) for 5 minutes.

  2. Season the pork shoulder with salt, pepper, and your favorite spices, such as paprika or garlic powder.

  3. Place the seasoned pork shoulder in the air fryer basket and cook for 1 hour, flipping halfway through.

  4. After it’s done cooking, remove the pork shoulder from the air fryer and let it rest for 10 minutes. Then, shred the pork into small pieces using two forks.

Your air fryer pulled pork is now ready to be served on buns with your favorite barbecue sauce and enjoy a delicious meal.

Tips for Cooking

To bring out the best flavor and texture of your air fryer pulled pork, try these useful cooking tips.

  • Begin by marinating the pork overnight with spices, herbs, and sauces. This will add depth and complexity to the pork’s taste.

  • Set your air fryer to 300°F (150°C) and cook it for 3-4 hours. This will give the pork a tender and juicy texture.

  • Lastly, allow the pulled pork to rest for 10-15 minutes. This will help the juices to redistribute and make it even more flavorful.

Taking these steps will help you create a delectable air fryer pulled pork.

Final Thoughts

To ensure maximum flavor and tenderness, don’t forget to let the pulled pork rest after cooking in the air fryer. Remove it from the heat source and let it rest for about 10 to 15 minutes.

This brief period will help the meat stay moist and tender, making it simpler to shred and increasing the overall eating experience.

Even though you may be tempted to start eating immediately, a bit of patience goes a long way when it comes to pulled pork. So, restrain the temptation to rush and give the pork its deserved resting time for the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use a Different Type of Meat for Pulled Pork in an Air Fryer?

Yes, it is possible to use a different type of meat for pulled pork in an air fryer. Pork shoulder is usually the go-to choice, but beef, chicken, and even jackfruit can be used for a vegetarian option.

How Long Does It Take to Cook Pulled Pork in an Air Fryer Compared to Other Cooking Methods?

Pulled pork cooked in an air fryer takes less time than other cooking methods. The air fryer’s powerful heat and circulation help the pork cook faster, resulting in a delicious meal in a fraction of the time.

Can I Make Pulled Pork in an Air Fryer Without Using Any Sauce?

Yes, it is possible to make pulled pork in an air fryer without using any sauce. All you have to do is season the pork with spices of your choice and let the air fryer work its magic. The final result will be a delicious and juicy pulled pork dish.

Can I Marinate the Pork Before Cooking It in the Air Fryer?

Yes, it is possible to marinate the pork before cooking it in the air fryer. This will enhance the flavor and make the meat more tender. Make sure you pat it dry before cooking for the most succulent results.

Can I Freeze the Leftover Pulled Pork Made in an Air Fryer?

It is possible to freeze the leftover pulled pork made in an air fryer. Make sure to let it cool down before putting it in an airtight material or freezer bag. Doing this will help to preserve the flavor and texture of the pulled pork.

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