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Air Fryer Fried Banana

Craving a quick and delicious treat? Air fryer fried banana is the perfect solution!

With just a few ingredients and a trusty air fryer, you can enjoy crispy, caramelized bananas in no time.

Enjoy a guilt-free snack or dessert that will leave you wanting more.

So, grab your air fryer and get frying!


Tracing the origins of air fryer fried banana requires an exploration into the history of this beloved dessert. Surprisingly, air fryer fried banana has its roots in Southeast Asia, particularly in countries such as Thailand and Malaysia. Bananas are quite common in these cuisines and have long been used for various dishes.

As a way to make them even more delectable, the idea of deep-frying bananas emerged. Nevertheless, with the emergence of healthier cooking techniques, such as air frying, people began experimenting with frying bananas using this appliance. This resulted in a healthier and less greasy version of the classic deep-fried banana, which has since gained massive popularity around the world.

Today, air fryer fried banana is a popular snack that can be easily made in the comfort of your own home.


Let’s take a look at the three essential ingredients that will surely make your taste buds dance with joy when making air fryer fried banana:

  • Ripe Bananas: Choose ones that have a vibrant yellow color and a few brown spots for a sweet and creamy texture.

  • Cinnamon Sugar: Sprinkle this delightful blend of warm cinnamon and sweet sugar over your fried bananas to enhance their flavor.

  • Cooking Spray or Oil: A light coating of cooking spray or a small amount of oil is necessary to get that crispy exterior while cooking in an air fryer.


Start by preheating your air fryer to 350°F.

  1. Peel and slice the bananas into 1-inch thick pieces.

  2. Mix cinnamon and sugar in a small bowl.

  3. Spray the air fryer basket with cooking spray.

  4. Dip each banana slice into the cinnamon-sugar mixture, making sure they’re evenly coated.

  5. Place the coated banana slices in the air fryer basket in a single layer, without them touching.

  6. Cook the bananas in the air fryer for 5 minutes, flipping halfway.

  7. Remove the fried banana slices from the air fryer and let cool for a few minutes.

  8. Serve the air fryer fried bananas as a tasty and guilt-free dessert or snack. Enjoy!

Tips for Cooking

Slice the bananas evenly for uniform cooking.

Preheat the air fryer before beginning the cooking process.

Spray or brush the bananas with oil to achieve a crispy texture and prevent sticking.

Gently shake the basket during cooking to ensure even browning.

Adjust the cooking time and temperature as needed.

Final Thoughts

To make perfectly cooked and delicious air fryer fried bananas, follow these steps:

  1. Start by selecting ripe bananas that are firm but not overly soft.

  2. Peel the bananas and slice them into even rounds.

  3. Preheat your air fryer to 400°F (200°C) for about 5 minutes.

  4. Meanwhile, mix cinnamon and sugar in a small bowl.

  5. Lightly spray the banana slices with cooking oil and coat them evenly with the cinnamon-sugar mixture.

  6. Place the slices in a single layer in the air fryer basket.

  7. Cook for 5-6 minutes, flipping them halfway through.

  8. The bananas should be golden brown and crispy on the outside.

  9. Serve them warm and enjoy this guilt-free treat!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use a Regular Frying Pan Instead of an Air Fryer to Make Fried Bananas?

It is possible to make fried bananas using a regular frying pan instead of an air fryer. Start by heating some oil in the pan, then slice the bananas and fry them until they become golden brown. Enjoy your delicious fried bananas!

Are Air Fryers Safe to Use?

Yes, air fryers are a safe appliance to use. They are equipped with safety features to avoid any accidents. To get the best results, it is important to read the instructions and not overload the basket. Additionally, you should take special care to not overcrowd the basket. By adhering to these instructions, you can enjoy a delicious meal using your air fryer with peace of mind.

Can I Use Frozen Bananas Instead of Fresh Ones for This Recipe?

Yes, it is possible to substitute frozen bananas for fresh ones in this recipe. Just remember to thaw them out prior to using in the air fryer. The end result should still be delicious!

How Can I Prevent the Bananas From Sticking to the Air Fryer Basket?

To avoid having the bananas stick to the air fryer basket, it is recommended to lightly coat it with cooking spray or oil before putting the bananas in. This will create a non-stick surface and ensure they cook evenly.

Can I Add Any Toppings or Sauces to the Fried Bananas for Added Flavor?

Yes, you can add various toppings or sauces to the fried bananas for an extra kick of flavor. Honey, chocolate sauce, caramel drizzle, or a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar are just some of the possibilities. Try experimenting with different flavors and have fun!

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